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We provide FREE Educational tips, Technical Trading Analysis (TA), News and Strategies for all Cryptocurrencies.

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  1. FREE ANALYSIS & NEWS: Icon Telegram

The original FREE channel is the main broadcast channel where CryptoVince and his team post charts, news, and other information that can help inform our members and support their trading decisions. This is our primary means of communicating information to our members.

  2. FREE CHAT CAFE: Icon Telegram

The CAFE CHAT channel is our public chat platform where users are encouraged to learn, teach, coach, mentor, ask questions and provide answers, get help and seek opinions. The CHAT channel is where we discuss the charts, news and information communicated in the FREE channel. No harassing other users, no posting of referral links, no promoting other Telegram channels. Debate and discussion is encouraged!


The COLLABORATION channel is a platform for the more sophisticated crypto enthusiast to express themselves. This channel is open to people who have a keen interest or a professional background in studying and operating in financial markets, conducting fundamental analysis, technical analysis and charting, portfolio management, risk management, investor psychology, creating original and informative content, and other crypto-currency related matters or subjects that are of interest and value to our members.

Post your chart analysis, fundamental analysis, research and studies, news and articles, important Tweets… whatever you think is valuable. We aren't looking for GIFs and general chat here, this is a place for more advanced and knowledgeable contributors who want to stand out.

The CryptoVince team will monitor this channel closely, and will be assessing the accuracy and/or quality of the content you post, your commitment and dedication, the frequency of your contributions, and your overall ability to gather and disseminate valuable content. Show us what you got and you might be invited to join the CryptoVince team!

  4. PREMIUM: Icon Telegram (register here in 1 minute!)

In response to overwhelming demand from our members, we offer a PREMIUM service. This subscription based service is a significant step forward for the active (i.e. daily) crypto trader/investor who wants more engagement and a deeper understanding than what is provided in the main FREE channel.
PREMIUM members will have greater opportunity to engage directly with the CryptoVince team and to learn personal strategies that will enable better trading decisions. In the PREMIUM service, you can expect:

  • More detailed trading tips and the reasoning behind them
  • Specific buy/sell targets designed to teach you how to find your own entry/exit points
  • A mix of trading strategies for all market conditions, including strategies for holding
  • Portfolio and risk management training and best practices
  • Subscription options designed to provide value and suit your needs



CryptoVince founded his first Telegram channel in 2017 as a highly skilled technical analyst and the ambition to help other crypto traders achieve their own success. His approach and his charting ability was well received, word soon got around, and the channel's reputation began to grow. Sometime later, in response to the rapid growth in the Telegram channel, Vince expanded his vision.

No longer a one-man helpdesk responding to hundreds of individual PMs every day, CryptoVince grew the team to where it now includes over a dozen dedicated contributors and advisors, all with a passion for crypto-currencies and developing more savvy crypto traders.
The CryptoVince team reaches around the globe and consists of veteran traders, experienced software developers, former investment managers, technical analysts, fundamental analysts, writers, business professionals, and others from diverse backgrounds, who all share a passion for providing you the opportunity to improve your trading skills.

This is NOT a pump and dump group that preys on new and inexperienced traders.

This is NOT a signals group that doesn't make you a better trader.

This is NOT a 'scam' that seeks to profit off the backs of its members.

The CryptoVince team won't point to our history of accurate calls to prove our effectiveness. Our measure of success is better evidenced by the smarter, more effective traders that are developing within our community. Our focus is on educating our members so they don't need to put their trust in a complete stranger's "signals" group (with no effort to teach or educate you). We have no interest in promoting specific coins, but rather in providing our members with the tools to conduct their own research and to make their own decisions that are most suitable to their own needs. The CryptoVince vision is to be honest and transparent, to expand our community and its collective knowledge, and to work hard to maximize the value we bring to our members.


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